Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

Feeling a little all over the place tonight, so thought I would just spit it all out with no rhyme or reason to any of it:

• There was a story on the local news about a woman who threw her 6 and 8-year old boys off a highway bridge onto traffic. Then she jumped. They amazingly all survived.

• It's supposed to be 90 degrees on Friday!

• I wonder if a majority of people are more dramatic than I am, or less dramatic. According to some people I use a certain "tone" that's not appropriate.

• There was another story on the local news this evening about a man who has cerebral palsy, and public transportation only goes to certain areas, and he was waiting on the bus for 6 hours. Think about how lucky we are when we can get around on our own.

• After about 8 years of eating at the same Thai place, and getting the same exact meal for lunch, I decided today to try a new dish-and it was excellent.

• Kolbe is so snuggly right now. Every night when he eats his snacks he sits with me, puts his arm around me and snuggles.

• A friend of mine had surgery 9 days ago, and is doing incredible. Been thinking about her a lot.

• Wondering when there will be relief in sight at work.

• Bought a treadmill tonight.

• I feel guilty that I haven't seen Nikki's baby since October, I haven't called my grandparents this week and that my kids are in daycare 4 days a week.

• I want David Archuleta to win on American Idol.

• Talked to my next door neighbor again tonight. I really like her a lot and her kids are great. I've "known" her a year this month and can shamefully say I can't remember her name.

• I ran into another parent at school that I really like a lot, was good to see him.

• Must workout more.

Maybe tomorrow I will have a more focused line of thoughts!

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Nancy said...

Hi Nicole!

I heard about that story with the mom and the highway sad.

David Archuleta...I like him, but he really messed up this week!

I hope you see some relief at work!