Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Show or Not To Show

It's that awkward stage of pregnancy. People don't know that you are pregnant, but it's definitely not the "flat" stomach it used to be.

Now, it may have been the 15,000 calories I ate over the weekend, but I did get a few maternity tops out from my stash. Pants are starting to fit very snug, so clothes that fit loosely are a preference for the time being.

I am almost 13-weeks. I sense a growth spurt coming, and am anticipating the first "kick" here in the next several weeks. I think with both the boys I felt it around 14-15 weeks. I'm hoping the morning sickness goes away soon-I'm thinking any day. Slight energy pick-up, but not much. Maybe I really am just lazy?

The second trimester is an exciting time! I very much welcome it!

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Jeremy said...

You are so adorable!