Thursday, August 14, 2008

Review: Picasso's Pizza & Grill

Wednesday night Keith and I went out and tried a new restaurant-a pizza place! I have been in search of a replacement for Pappa's Pizza that closed down off of Beltline, and have yet to find anything close to being that delicious.

So we head over there, starving, and walk in and it looks like. A pretty "classy" atmosphere but casual food. We got salads and mozzarella sticks and I was so hungry I got kind of full on that. We then got individual pizzas, and it tasted just "okay". Had a lot to box up and my sister ate some when we got home. For the price of about $45, I can't say that I would go back. It definitely wasn't near as good as Pappa's, or even your typical chain delivery.

Also, my sister watched the boys for about an hour and a half WHILE they were awake-and they all survived! Excellent!

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Jeremy said...

It's hard to find a really goods pizza place.