Monday, January 18, 2010

Dallas Area Train Show

I had found a link to this train show a few months back, and had been dying to take the boys. I had no clue what to expect, but knew they would have model trains.

We get there, at the Plano Centre, right before it opens at 10am. As we're driving up we see the parking lot is packed, and I'm slowly realizing the demographic here appears to be 50 and

Uh oh.

Is this for kids?

Is this okay for MY kids?

This may not be a "Thomas the Train" kind of day, but more so the train equivalent of a Star Trek convention.

We load the kids up in the strollers, jackets, snacks. As we're walking up to the front my mind eases as I see more kids under the age of 5 start to appear from the parking lot. The line starts moving inside and I see "Thomas", roped off areas and trains that are too high up for sticky fingers and snotty hands.


The boys loved it! I can't believe how much work goes into these things on an ongoing basis. It was very similar to what you would see at NorthPark Mall during the holidays, but more spread out and for the avid collector and train enthusiast. Very expensive hobby, but one that continues for generations past and to come.

We'll see if 5 years from now the boys are still as interested as they are to this day! Or shall we say we'll see if my money is going to the Star Trek...ahem...train conventions like they are now.

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