Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ZENO: Product Review

Oh acne...why do you continually choose me? I paid my dues as an awkward teenager, a pregnant woman ( 3 times over ) and even the occasional female who was too tired at night and fell asleep on the couch without removing my makeup.

But zits at the age of 33?? Come on!!

Most of my twenties I took minocycline to keep my skin clear. Worked like a charm. Had to stop taking it though when Keith and I started trying for a family. Since then I've definitely had my share of ups and downs as my body went through lots of hormonal changes with three pregnancies. I would try to keep up with it with rounds of microderms (which I loved) and changing up my skin care routine to accommodate hormonal changes and stress factors.

Now in the last 6 months or so it's picked back up again and I had been trying to figure out how to tackle it. I really didn't want to go back on medicine at my age, plus I try to keep pills to a minimum. I don't currently have the extra cash for facials and microderms and then I remembered the ZENO had been recommended to me awhile back. $150 brand new, and you have to continue to buy replacement cartridges after 90 treatments. Much cheaper than a package deal at the spa. All it consists of is gentle heat treatments that destroy bacteria. You can use it about every 12 hours and it works best on mild to moderate acne and when the zit is just starting to appear under the skin. (Ug-I don't even like the word zit).


So, I bought one on ebay- got an awesome deal!! I am SUPER impressed!! I knew I was approaching a time to breakout, so I do have one on my chin right now, but when I got it I was feeling 2 or 3 coming on, did a treatment on each, and by morning they never appeared!! Did another treatment on each area that night just be safe, and it worked!! It also really decreases any pain that comes with a breakout too. To top it off, I can use it whenever I really need it, and at home!

I am SO excited to have it, so far, so good!!

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