Friday, January 8, 2010

Review: Urban Crust

I have been dying to try Urban Crust, a wood-fired Italian Pizza Restaurant and 32 Degree Rooftop bar located in North Dallas (Plano).


Today for lunch I went with a group from work, and it exceeded my expectations. Bread, salad, drink and pizza (pretty big btw), for $8.90. The Caesar Salad was really good!

I have to say, it was better than Russo's, but not as good as Fireside Pies. Fireside Pies is definitely the best tasting, Russo's has the best variety (any topping imaginable whereas Urban Crust is only one topping and each on top of that is additional cost) and Urban Crust is in between.

Would love to go back sometime after work and have a few drinks! Oh, and some PIZZA!

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