Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Initially, I was going to title this post "Old Age", but it's not necessarily old age I'm experiencing, it's more just a grouping of "changes" that I've noticed over the last several months that I should just accept.

1) I absolutely loathe the mall. Everything about it. The amount of people packed into a single space, the people standing around waiting for you to buy, the play area, the food court, the sounds, the mall walkers. All of it. I remember LOVING the mall. I could spend hours and hours walking around shopping, having lunch, seeing movies and just hanging out with friends. Now if I have to go I rush in to get what I need and leave.

2) I'm addicted to thrift shops. 25 years ago my grandmother used to drag me around to flea markets and garage sales. They were tolerable, but it wasn't the greatest thing in the world. When I started being able to drive on my own I never went back. But now, in the last year especially, I find myself going every single weekend. (So does my Mom and Grandmother). I like looking for stuff for the kids, clothes that would fit into my wardrobe and anything that I don't want to spend full price on. I'm also determined to find a hidden treasure where I can turn around and sell it for gobs of money.

3) I refuse to watch anything on MTV anymore. No more Road Rules, Teen Mom, Real World and whatever else they're playing now - it's sure not music videos! I can't tolerate watching teens and young adults and all the drama. I feel like I can't really relate to that age group anymore, and it's definitely not something I idolize to be.

4) My taste in clothes has changed. Or should I say, what I CAN wear has changed. I can't say I've always been the most fashion-forward dresser. I think I have an eye for what looks nice and what doesn't, but replicating a look is not my forté. Now, I look at clothes in the store and find myself picking things that are a style shift from where I was even 5 years ago. No more sleeveless shirts, no more short shorts, nothing even remotely close to a "club" outfit will be seen on this body anytime in the near future, or ever.

In a moment of reflection on these, I sound old. That's my personal opinion about my own process of aging, and not so much what society constitutes as "old".

Maybe I'm just getting there in my head sooner than I'd like, or maybe I'm just going through "changes"?

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