Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Reward System

Keith and I have been doing a reward system with the boys ever since Kolbe put his first dish in the dishwasher about 4 years ago. I quickly drew up a star chart and decided that one dish constituted a completion of a "chore".

The star charts were quite a success, but we got bored of it and decided to switch to marble jars. By this time Nick was old enough so I'd say we've been doing the marble thing about 2 years now. Rewarding good behavior by giving marbles and taking them away for bad behavior. Once full they get a reward (toy). This system works great, but the older they get the more they challenge us and push the limits so we (meaning I) decided it's time for another change!

I have been eyeing these charts for at least 6 months now, always saying "no" in my head due to the cost. I definitely didn't want to have buyers remorse over something that wasn't a super cute article of clothing.

But this weekend I gave in and bought 2 of them. One for Kolbe and one for Nick…we'll get one for Erik when he's a bit older and when we're $20 richer.

I have to say, we're only on Day #3 but this chart is WORKING! Our boys are really responding to it. Admittedly, it does take a lot more time and effort. We had to sit down with them and explain how it was going to work and choose the items they needed to work on for the week: things like not whining, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, etc. Then we explained how if they do those things (5 times for each in a week) then they can pick an item from their list (getting ice cream, eating at Ella's, $5 or going to Chuckee Cheese, etc). We really have to pay attention a lot more to their actions and interact with the chart more which holds us all more accountable. It makes me stay on top of my game too.

I told the boys I would lay out their clothes for them each night so they were ready to go and hanging on a shelf in their closet. Well both mornings this week I've heard Kolbe jump out of bed, get himself dressed and go downstairs. When I get down there he's completely ready and tells me "I'm all grown up and dressed on my own, so I can get my reward!".

We might be in the honeymoon phase of the chart but that's OK with me!! I HIGHLY recommend the Melissa and Doug charts!! Glad I coughed up the dough!

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Anne-Marie said...

Awesome, I looked at that one at Michael's the other day and wondered about it. So glad it is working for you guys!