Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sigh of Relief

After 3 months, 2 ultrasounds, 1 cat scan and countless doctor visits later, today is the first time I feel relief in awhile. Oh, don't forget the approximate $1500 I owe out of pocket too.

Last night I got the results from my last ultrasound and my cyst is GONE!! I was hoping for it to be smaller, and then next steps would be another follow-up in 6-weeks until it eventually went away. Thankfully it went away during this round and I don't need to do the ovarian cancer test that the doctor was suggesting 6 weeks ago.

Huge sigh of relief here.

Whenever I receive a "clean bill of health" it definitely makes me stop and think about the fortunate things in my life. Health should be #1 and it's something that most often I take for granted.

Just this morning I saw someone pushing a child in a wheelchair to school. Think about what it's like to take care of someone in a wheelchair (I can't imagine) and then get out there and walk in the freezing cold, snow and icy streets. Who am I to complain about having to get my kids dressed and myself for the winter and get them out the door?

Then on the way to work I saw an elderly man who drove to his mailbox to get the mail. It makes sense with how far away it was from the farm house, and having to walk across the ice in the driveway. It seems like a petty thing when I complain about running out in the front in the cold to grab the mail.

There are countless times around town that I see people standing out in the nasty weather waiting at the bus stop. Mothers with their kids in strollers, elderly people carrying bags of groceries; as I drive by in my warm and comfortable car.

So today is one of those days where I am thankful I can walk, have a car, warm clothes, kids to take care of…and most of all…


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