Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunday with Kanae

The original plan on Sunday was to take an English speaking city tour of Tokyo…alone. As time inched closer and my confidence in navigating the public transpiration system got lower I decided to pass up the tour.

But in doing that something even better came out of it and it was the best day I spent during my 10 days in Japan!

Kanae offered to meet me in the morning and spend the day showing me around! All I had to do was take the subway over to Yokohama and meet her. I made it over there fine and without any hiccups and we hopped back on the train to Eno-shima Island.

The day was SO much fun and I saw so many things: Eno-shima Island, Mt. Fuji, a traditional Japanese Wedding, The Great Buddha of Kamakura and a lot of places to shop. The views were beautiful and the company was even better. Lots of getting to Kanae more and a lot of great insight into the Japanese culture from a woman.

We ended up heading back at about 4 that afternoon, and it was nice to get settled back into the room and get ready for the week.

I am SO thankful for Kanae and the great Sunday we had!

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