Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuesday in Yokohama

What day is it again? Everyone warned me about the jet lag, but it is really catching up to me. I'm writing this on Thursday and thinking back to Tuesday.

Tuesday was the first day in the office. Noriko met me at the hotel again to walk me over to Lands' End. It is a very short walk, about 5 minutes total time. The weather was humid and cloudy. Arrived at the office. It looks a bit like a bank building in a strip of offices…tall, gray, glass. LE has the 3rd and 4th floors. These are not large floors. Tomoko gave me a very nice tour of both floors and introduced me to a lot of people, yet it was very quiet. The desk I am sitting at has a nice view outside and privacy.

A few meetings and lots of prep work the first day. 7 of us walked over to Modern Grill for a welcome lunch. The food was incredible and the restaurant was very nice. Getting to know the team has been a very positive experience.

I was lucky enough to be taken out to dinner as well by two team members and we enjoyed a meal at Kurobuta-an. Very traditional Japanese off. I've been eating and drinking anything ordered for me and of course loving the new food. I can't say everything I've tried has been great, but MOST of it has!! I think the most important thing is…don't always ask what you are eating!!

I've noticed in almost all the restaurants they have buttons you can press when you are ready to order. Very convenient.

Tuesday night after dinner was quiet and I went to sleep right away. Got a lot of rest and was ready to start the next day feeling refreshed and productive! If only I could say the same for this Thursday jetlag!

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