Thursday, April 9, 2009

Arts & Crafts

At the end of my pregnancy, I was useless!! So, I have a lot of "making up" time to do with the boys. I have made an effort to have a lot of organized crafts and fun for them to keep them occupied, especially when we can't make it outside. It also gives me the chance to do specific activities with them.

So far we have done finger painting, working with clay, decorating eggs, making foam eggs for Easter and decorating and making and decorating bunnies. Lots of coloring as well. Some the the items I have for the near future are making model airplanes, making and flying a kite, building paper airplanes and more foam art. I also want to work on gathering items that begin with certain letters of the alphabet and creating boards.

This picture is a rose Kolbe, Nickolas and I made. Kolbe rolled up all the clay balls, Nickolas flattened them and I cut and molded them together.

I LOVE being back in the swing of things!

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