Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deep Sea Adventure

Today was an adventure!

I took the 3 boys to see "Deep Sea" at the Omni theatre in Fort Worth. It was playing at 1:15 so I started out there at noon. They were great for a majority of the time, and we were gone for a good 4 hours.

• Kolbe being so excited to get there.
• Walking to the theatre and Kolbe hanging onto my shirt.
• Seeing the dinosaur outside and Nickolas growling at it.
• Watching Nickolas watch the show.
• Seeing the kids play in the "fountain".

• No parking because there was a job fair going on.
• The lights being off when we walked in and the kids being hesitant.
• The chaos getting the popcorn after the show.
• Kids fighting over who would hold the popcorn bag.
• Kolbe needing to pee on the way home (but changing his mind after I pulled off the highway and got him out).

They were fun to take and I really enjoyed it. Kolbe said he wouldn't go back though. =)
I have great boys!

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