Tuesday, April 7, 2009


How appropriate with the upcoming Easter holiday approaching seeing as society created the bunny as a symbol and all.

Awhile back Kolbe was climbing down from the tree in the backyard, and stepped on these bunnies!! They were covered in hair, and the mother had dug a whole for them. They were barely recognizable-we couldn't tell if they were bunnies or rats. We checked on them every day to make sure they were doing alright. The boys were pretty good with them and didn't touch because we knew the mother may not come back if they did.

In about a week, they were already big enough to hop out. I had know idea they would grow that fast. I didn't see them for about 2 days, and unfortunately this past Saturday morning we found one in our swimming pool. I think the other 4 are not out of the yard and hopefully doing okay. What a crazy world it must be for them!

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