Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goal Complete: Take Kolbe on the DART Rail

I have been wanting to take Kolbe on the DART rail for so long because of his love of trains. On Thursday when I had just him and Erik for the day, I decided to get some guts and take them!

We drove over to the George Bush Station and headed on the red line south. This route goes all the way down to the Dallas zoo. Kolbe absolutely loved it and was so excited that it went so fast. He also enjoyed all the station stops and repeated the names and was counting the stops until we got to ours. I decided we would get off at the CityPlace Station since it was in a tunnel. He enjoyed that a lot.

Then we hopped back on to head back north. I did miss the stop on the way back, but we got off on the next one and came back on the other train. I had Erik in the sling and he pretty much slept the whole way. The boys did great-Kolbe did great and enjoyed it. He wanted Opa to take him the next time!

I was exhausted when the day was done, but it was a fun ride!

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