Friday, April 23, 2010

My First Week

This week felt like a month! A good month...but definitely a month!

I don't want to disclose too much about the company or sensitive information ( as I could lose my job ), but I can definitely talk about the last 5 days and what it's been like mentally, physically and emotionally.

Day 1: Nervous! Not quite as nervous as some other things that have taken place in my life, but this one ranks in about the top 20 I would say. New town, new job, new everything. It definitely helped coming in with 10+ years under my belt in a similar retail environment, that's for sure. Monday was orientation filled with 15 of us. We heard a lot of presentations, received a lot of brand information and went over benefits and forms. Lunch from the Comer Center and the day ended with a cookie Happy Hour where all the leaders and teams of the people in orientation came down. We talked and got a tour of our area.

Day 2: Not quite as nervous. It was physically exhausting and I did have a borderline migraine most of the day which was tough. It was a fascinating day...all tours and presentations. Visual merchandising, design, the assembly lines, D.C.. Customer Care (where we got to listen in on calls), the Comer Center (fitness facility) and we even got to use the embroidery machine to put the LE logo on our own polo. There are 6 buildings here and we saw all of them.

Day 3: Nervous again! This was my first day at my desk! It's so surreal to get to your computer and not even know how to login. I met a lot of people and tried to wrap my head around how to use the phone, get onto the servers, find org charts and start conversations with people. I also tried to find the fastest route to the bathroom-success!

Day 4: Tired but more at ease! Actually got to sit in on a meeting and I have a good 10 meetings lined up in the upcoming weeks. Meetings do tend to make me feel important for the time being-haha. I am excited about the work and am loving the culture. Used the gym to lift weights and it was awesome!

Day 5: TGIF! Although I do love my job...I am looking forward to the weekend to relax and recoup. Today was my first European conference call. I got a lot of information out of that meeting. The more questions that spark in my head the more progress I make. I have a hefty list of things to get started on, and am starting to understand what some of the needs are here, all while learning so much! This week has been very humbling and enjoyable all while being out of my comfort zone-which I believe is what helps us grow!

With that, let's get started on the weekend!


Nancy said...

It sounds like a good week!

George Agpoon said...

Me too! I feel like I'm starting to get into the groove. Best of luck, cube-neighbor!

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