Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On The Road!

How did I get from Texas to Wisconsin? Safely and successfully!

My grandfather rode with me to help me out and make sure I stayed safe. At first I thought to myself, well I don't need anyone to drive with me, but in hindsight I'm really glad I did because after about 3 hours on the rode driving I got super tired! So we alternated driving in about 3 hour increments.

We left Friday morning at about 10am. My grandmother made a huge pan of homemade macaroni for us to take on the road. We stopped by my Mom's work to say goodbye and then took off. Stopped for a macaroni lunch, to get gas and a few other pit stops and made it all the way to Kansas City, Missouri by about 7:30 Friday night. Not too shabby! We picked up Subway sandwiches and settled in for the night.

We were up bright and early Saturday morning (thanks to my grandfather)! Got going at about 8am after getting ready and enjoying our complimentary breakfast. Made similar stops and alternated driving and landed in Madison at about 4:00! Great timing!

Saturday night was a blast! Julie and Jamie (family friends) drove over from Milwaukee and we went to dinner near the hotel. They brought snack foods from the bakery and Wisconsin tees for Keith and I! Then we went to the Dejope Casino! My grandfather won $160 and I won about $75!

On Sunday my grandfather and I did a little sight-seeing before I took him to the airport. We went to Lands' End (even though we didn't go inside). I thought it would be neat for him to see where I would be. We took pictures. Then we drove to the House on the Rock, the Capitol Building and stopped at the lake. Had a great lunch in the square downtown at an Irish Pub, then it was time for me to take him to the airport. The airport is really close-only about 15 minutes from temporary housing. I have to say it was hard leaving him at the airport. For those couple of days it didn't really feel too different because he was with me-just like at home. But then when I had to turn around and leave and drive off in a city that was so unfamiliar it kind of hit home that I was alone.

I spent the evening getting ready for the next day, picked up some dinner and relaxed. The temporary housing is nice. There's no way I could have my family in there as it's just a 1-bedroom extended stay hotel room. The amenities are just what I need for now though. Free breakfast every morning, free dinner Mon-Wed, pool, gym and housekeeping. It's great!

So thanks everyone for the well wishes and thoughts as we drove cross country to my new world. It is very surreal and exciting!

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