Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Facts, WI: Day 5

• There are casinos all over the place on the drive from Dallas to Madison.

• If you go out to eat at a restaurant here and order a Dr. Pepper, the people with you WILL laugh at you, and the waitress will ask you where you're from.

• People say "Yous" (just like in PA).

• People drive much slower and laid back here and I find myself getting impatient with them. Maybe this will teach me to be more relaxed.

• A few times I have turned off the navigation system because I know where I'm going, and I find myself lonely and longing to hear her voice.

• I didn't realize how much I used and relied on DVR until I had to go without it!

• The cheese here REALLY IS GOOD!

• It's a really strange feeling to not even know where a gas station or grocery store is.

• Gambling here is just like gambling anywhere else=GOOD TIMES!

• I never thought I would have a morning commute with the scenery being nothing but dairy farms, fields and cows.

• Names and roads confuse me here: County Route P, M, US18, 151. And they seem to go all directions-not just N, S or E, W.

• I'm scared to use the coin-operated washer and dryer at the hotel. I think I may just continue to buy new clothes.

• I miss my family.

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