Saturday, October 27, 2007

Where Do the Years Go?

Welcome to 7 years ago, when Keith and I bought our first digital camera, and when I was 24.

Not that I would want to trade my world right now for anything, but, sometimes it's nice to reminisce about the years before kids, and what life was like without sleepless night, runny noses and noise....

I look at this picture and think about those years, right out of college, full-time job, traveling... and the big worries were work, where to eat for dinner and what the plans were for the weekend. The apartment was small, but we loved it. So much potential and so much time on our hands (not that we knew it then).

Our decisions involved us, and only us. If we made a bad financial move, it was ours. If we got sick, it was us. If we went outside, there were just 2.

What a drastically different world.

If I make a decision now, my first thought is how will it effect my kids. Am I making the right choices for them? Am I taking care of them to meet their needs? Am I responsible and knowledgeble enough to be there for them? Am I leaving the store without forgetting one of them? ;) And that goes on top of the now compounded responsibility at work, maintaining a household, family, friends, taking care of myself and any ounce of personal alone time left. Bottom line is, I am not the only one I am accountable for now, and it's often a scary thought.

Long gone are the days of sleeping until noon, painting my nails while reading a magazine, and waiting for my next pay raise so I can buy clothes. Those are replaced with waking up at 3am to the 3 year old beside me, clipping my fingernails while giving kids a bath, and looking towards the next raise to contribute money into a 529 plan.

The next picture that our digital camera takes now includes 4 shapes, instead of 2, but I wouldn't change a thing.

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