Thursday, November 15, 2007

Learning to Lead

So today was the first day of DMI's "Learning to Lead" seminar in Boston. It was partially what I had anticipated, and was worried I wasn't going to be able to keep up with the pace.

We had an article to read before even entering the classroom and I read it last night so that it would be fresh in my head, and took in most of it, but some of it was still over my head.

There were about 20 or so people in the seminar. A few from Ebay, Google and Hasbro. I also met a guy from TI. Almost everyone was from the design discipline, all split by web, print and marketing.

We spent a long time on introductions, and the instructor really got to know our backgrounds, and created mind maps around comments made. We did several team exercises, and ended the day with a great team exercise and presentation based on breaking down issues/challenges as design leader, the difference between the problem and the purpose, and how to get to aspirational goals based on those insights.

Pretty in-depth information-and it's going well so far.

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