Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sick Baby - Heartbreaking!

So Nickolas had a temperature on Tuesday of 102.7, and we started giving him Tylenol. Come Wednesday night, it still wasn't gone, so Keith took him to the emergency room. They were worried and did some bloodwork and gave him some fluids (in an IV) and his temperature shot up to 105. After about 4 hours in there they figured out he has a virus, and just isn't handling it very well. We can only treat the symptoms (which is only a fever), and since about 2am it's been mostly down.

It's the worst feeling when your little baby is sick, and there's nothing you can really do for him except hold him and comfort him-at least try.

He had more of an appetite tonight, so that's good. Eventhough my Aunt said that going a few days without food, for him and his size, probably wouldn't hurt too much! =)

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