Thursday, January 24, 2008

Going Green Today

Maybe it's because this whole "Going Green" thing is all over the internet and TV, but I have had this strange desire and interest in how I am doing my part to destroy our environment.

It's really made me stop and think about all the horrible things I do (habits I have), the more I am reading and learning about what it really means to take an active role in making a difference.

Some of the things I have noticed is that when I am home during the week with the kids, I probably go through about 2 garbage bags of trash a day. I use paper products, diapers, leave lights on, leave everything plugged in even while not in use, drive unnecessarily, consume chemical impacted food, the list goes on and on. And those are just the things that I understand.

I don't even know what all CAN be recycled.

So I decided to start small and try to make subtle changes to my daily habits, in all areas of my life, and in how we live. This week I started with changing all of our bills (that provide this option) to paperless statements and billing. I know what bills I get every month and what's due. I don't need them sitting in an organizer just to be tossed months later. I also have turned off both fluorescent lights at my desk the past week instead of leaving them on overnight.

I know it's not much, but it's a start.

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