Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh, The Longing for Taco Bueno...

I don't know who these people are, but I know that if I had Taco Bueno right now I could be as happy as they are, look at the joy!

Why is it so hard to stay away from certain foods? It's harder than working out everyday, the mental torture. Here are the things I have craved this week (note: but did not give into):

Taco Bueno: 2 combination burritos with a Dr. Pepper.

Dominos: Hamburger pizza and breadsticks. with a Dr. Pepper.

Krispe Kreme: 2 Glazed Donuts (and I don't even really care for donuts that much) with a massive glass of chocolate milk.

Gattitown: Every single bad thing off the buffet, hamburger pizza, breadsticks, pasta, brownies, macaroni and cheese and apple pie, oh and a Dr. Pepper.

Grandma's: Macaroni and cheese, with ketchup and a Dr. Pepper.

And this is just the last week. The only thing I had outside of the norm was that I added some chocolate to my orange slices one evening this week, (which Dan Ho from Discovery Health said was good for you).

Curse the high in saturated fat but oh so heavenly food!

My next splurge will be the night of the 19th, I will just count down until then!

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