Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nickolas' Surgery is Scheduled

On Tuesday morning my grandmother and I took Nickolas to an ear, throat, nose specialist per the advise of his pediatrician, and the specialist highly recommended inserting tubes and also removing his adenoids.

This should ideally help in preventing future ear and sinus infections. Nickolas is just shy of 13 months and has had probably 4-5 sinus infections and too many double ear infections to count, some of them requiring back to back rounds of 10-day antiobiotics.

I think that with a year left to go on the sippy cup, starting daycare so much sooner than Kolbe did and with the family history and allergies, it is the right decision. He will have the procedure done Friday morning, February 8th.

With that said, we are very nervous to have him go under anesthetic, and any warm thoughts are welcome!


Jeremy said...

We are meeting with the ENT specialist for Garrick on the 1st, so I'm right there with you!

Nancy said...

HI Nicolle! I found your blog through the Mauer's. Our son just had surgery last week (for something different though) and I was also nervous about him going under anesthesia. I was worried about him coming out of the anesthesia without us being there, but he ended up being fine and we were allowed to see him about 5 minutes after he started coming out. We did a few things to get him prepared for surgery, like showing him hospital masks and hats so that he could get used to them. I'll be thinking about you guys on the 8th!