Tuesday, November 25, 2008

26-Week CheckUp

Well, today was the check-up with the big double digits! 10 lbs gained in 1 month. It was bound to happen. I'd like to blame it all on the large Mueller babies, but the daily chocolate and ordering pizza 3 times in one week might contribute slightly.

Baby is doing great. Blood pressure was still slightly low but nothing to worry about. She did an exam because I was having a lot of pressure and some slight cramping. She said no signs of pre-term labor which was a relief because that's what I had with Kolbe. She gave me a prescription for heartburn. I have my glucose test in 2 weeks and from here on out will go for check-ups every 2 weeks instead of every month.

My gut tells me it's a girl again.

It's going to be a tough holiday season if I don't want to gain 60lbs again with this one!

12 weeks to go!

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