Thursday, November 20, 2008

Verizon Sucks...Can You Hear Me Now?

Let me preface, this is not my car. But I'm not opposed to doing this TO my car.

My Story (I'll try to get to the point)

• 2 months ago, my credit card expired, they can't run auto-pay.

• I make a manual payment from my checking account, pay twice the amount.

• On next bill (through email), states I owe $0.

• Don't pay the next month (says $0 due).

• Cable and internet get blocked.

• Try to call to un-block and pay over the phone.

• Automated system says I need the 4-digit code off my statement to proceed in automated telephone call.


• No customer service rep except for the hours between 10am and 4pm.

• Can't get 4-digit code from internet because the internet is blocked since I didn't pay my $0 owed.

• Have to wait until the next day.

• Get online at work and pay bill (which is somehow now twice what it normally is).

• Call and get cable and internet unblocked.

• They sign me up for a gazillion movie channels.

• Have to call and cancel those.

• Anticipate next bill which says I owe $0.

Can you hear me now?

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Jeremy said...

Sounds like what happened to us and our electric bill.

Got a bill saying we have a $46 credit. No bill this month.

A week later, we get a disconnect notice for non-payment of a $117 bill.

Give them a call...CSR says we haven't made any payments since 2006. I tell them we've used them since 2005.

Call back the next day. Now we have a credit again. Two days later we have a $117 bill again.