Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day 2008!

We had a busy a nice holiday. We got up and kind of took our time getting ready to head down to Keith's parents house. We left about 9:30 and the boys slept on the drive down, which I wanted them to because lunch was at 2:00-right during their normal nap. They were excellent while we were out there. Played well. Nickolas is VERY attached to Opa right now. Keith's cousins and brother were there.

At about 3:15 we left and drove back up here to have dinner at my grandmother's house. Had aunts, uncles, cousins and my Mom and them there. Lots of good food and the weather was nice enough the kids could play outside. We stayed there until almost 7:30, and then came home and got the boys in bed and both crashed.

Tiring day.

This weekend we will be spending most of it working on the house and putting up Christmas decorations. We already have the tree up with a train around it. Kolbe is extremely excited about Christmas and is already singing songs.

It's an exciting time of year!

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