Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Boys First Dentist Visit!

Let me just say, Keith and I have been trying for months and months to get them into the dentist, but insurance has been the biggest nightmare.

Months ago after figuring out there was a place near us, I set up an appointment for one of the days Keith would be home, and decided to have him just take Kolbe in. When Keith got there the place was jam-packed, he waited forever only to find out they had no record of an appointment for us. They left.

Fast forward to now after I called several places we wanted to take them to in order to find out how much out of pocket it would be, only to find out they couldn't really tell us anything, just that they file and we have to pay the difference which is usually "close". Well, I'm not risking that.

Called dental insurance and found one place near us...made an appointment for 12/31. We all headed that way and once Keith saw where it was at we realized it was the SAME place as a few months back. We went anyways. The place was a madhouse. The people were extremely nice, but we were in the waiting room for quite awhile, only to be called back to sit in another waiting room. Finally, the assistant came out and said only one parent could go, so Keith went back with them because he was able to hold Nick better, which drove me crazy because I wanted to go back since it was their first visit. They were back there for a long time. Turns out there is waiting room #3 back there where the kids wait and get to watch all the other kids being worked on screaming and carrying on. I finally was able to go back when the dentist came to look at them.

Final outcome. No problems with their teeth. We were in there TWO hours. The boys hated the cleaning. The people were nice. But they should never expect adults to wait that long much less KIDS!!

They got balloon animals.

I'm definitely going to try and find another place that's in network but another area. It's just not worth it to be close but wait that long!

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