Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review: The Unborn

Steph and I went and saw this movie at 11 this morning. We were 2 of 4 people in the theatre. Here's a little blurb from another site about the movie:

"The first great dopey horror film of 2009 concerns a young woman who discovers that her dead twin brother is trying to enter the world as a dybbuk -- a Jewish monster that inhabits the bodies of its victims. The reasons date back to Auschwitz, a particularly distasteful idea, and necessitate an exorcism by none other than Rabbi Gary Oldman. But it's very stylish. "

This movie received D- ratings, and I'd have to say that's about accurate. It was laughable, slow at times, predictable and not at all scary. There were maybe 2 moments where I cringed slightly, but they were pretty desperate attempts. The best part of the whole thing was that we were at the Studio Movie Grill and I was able to get my heavenly pizza and Sprite.

My Review: It's a NO! Don't pay any kind of money to see this movie!

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