Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Working From Home

Yesterday I went into work just long enough to make the rounds and gather some things, and now I am working from home as much as possible.

I cannot believe how much of a difference it has made already. Before now I was in pain 24/7. Pressure, hip pain, back pain, tired, heartburn, not to mention so stressed by the time I got into the office after getting 2 boys ready, it just made for an exhausting day.

A lot of these things are still there, but they are already minimized some, and being able to lay down if I need to at home, or take a 1-hour nap and not have to rush in the mornings, it's awesome.

I'm lucky I have the opportunity and a lot of my work can be done this way right now. Only 2 more weeks of work. I will probably stop in on Thursday, and go in 2 days next week. Then I only have 2 more days the following week and I start my leave.

I'm lucky!

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