Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goal Complete: Organize the Garage

This has been a work in progress for over a year, but I FINALLY feel like the goal has been complete!

All we have been doing is moving stuff from the house, into the garage and vice versa. Then taking the stuff IN the garage and moving it from one side to another. Never really fully sorting or organizing. About 3 weeks ago, we decided to have a garage sale to get some furniture out and just things we don't use or don't need. I'm really in the SIMPLIFY mode right now. I just want to get rid of everything not necessary, the less there is, the less mess there is. That really cleared a lot up. After that I was able to organize the totes and use my label maker (I LOVE MY LABELMAKER) and label all of them.

What I would like to do is pull some of the larger toys for the boys out of the house and keep half the garage dedicated to things like that-get a tiled type floor down and use it as an area where they could keep stuff too. We have a loveseat out here too up against the other wall, so it's a nice place to sit and sort through things.

I'm sure we will find many, many ways to junk it up again in just a matter of days, but for now it's clean-or at least as "clean" as a garage can be!

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Jeremy said...

I am very impressed. The garage is always one of those chores that never gets done. Kudos!