Thursday, January 29, 2009

35 Week Baby CheckUp

I had my 35-week baby checkup this morning. Baby is doing well! I wish I was doing as good! ;)

Thought the appointment would be quick but I was in there almost 2 hours. They hooked me up to fetal monitor, did an exam and did a sonogram. I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead, she thinks the baby is a little over 6lbs. Good size considering I have over 3 weeks left.

I was supposed to schedule the c-section today, but she said let's wait and look again in 2 weeks and see when we should schedule it. She wants to let me go as long as I can but of course I don't want to go past the 25th!


Plus I am dying to see if this will be Baby KaLee or Baby Erik!! Hurry!!

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