Friday, January 16, 2009

Goal Complete: Get Pedicure!

Thank you to some of my best friends for throwing me a Baby Shower/Girls Night!! It was FABULOUS!

We met over at "Polished" for a manicure and pedicure-which is GREAT because I have never had a pedicure before! Goal accomplished!! It was SO nice and the place was nice! All of us able to sit together and chat. They give you a drink (I had Sprite), and you soak your feet, the chair was a massaging chair and it was SO nice to be pampered that way.

Then afterwards we headed over to Maggianos and had an excellent Italian dinner. We were out until after 10 (crazy!), and I had a great time! I have the best friends anyone could ask for!

Thanks Andi, Jill, Nikki, Anne, Susanna and Robin! (And I'm taking you ALL up on your offer to babysit)!


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Nancy said...

Awesome! I love pedicures.

I may have missed this post, but did you get the results from your glucose tests? I hope everything's ok!