Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nesting for the 3rd Time: Why Not Compare?

I sit here in anticipation that 48 hours from now I will be holding my precious son or daughter. The thought today has been overwhelming. I am very emotional. Wanting to nest, clean, pack my bag, the list goes on and on - but physically can't. Feeling contractions and pain. I'm feeling relief it's almost here. Sadness it's almost done. Excitement has gone to the back burner and nervousness takes over. Each pregnancy has been so different, so I thought I'd jot down some of the differences. In my state of mind, they're all the down times, but of course pregnancy has been a wonderful thing...

Pregnancy #1- KOLBE

• Not much morning sickness but got sick every time I flew in an airplane.
• Had major sciatic pain about halfway through and had to start seeing a physical therapist 3 days a week.
• Preterm labor at 34 weeks, ended up in the hospital to stop contractions. Gave medication to stop labor that made me shake, anxious and become jittery.
• Doctor gave me Ambien to help me sleep, made me hallucinate.
• Restless leg syndrome.
• Huge amount of water retention.
• Iron deficiency at the end of pregnancy.
• Sleep deprivation the last month.
• Gained 60lbs. total. Took 6 months to lose it all.

Pregnancy #2-NICKOLAS

• Had a lot of morning sickness throughout the first trimester and beyond.
• Sleep deprivation the last month.
• Severe heartburn.
• Gained 55lbs. total. Not quite sure all of it EVER came off!

Pregnancy #3

• Had a lot of morning sickness throughout the first trimester.
• Failed 1st glucose test and had to take the the 3-hour test (PASSED).
• Baby positioned itself on weak point of old incision and ended up in L&D with severe pain and contractions at 36 weeks.
• Was in L&D for a second time with irregular contractions at 37 weeks-no progress.
• Severe heartburn (prescription didn't even work).
• Sleep deprivation the last 2 months.
• Severe restless leg syndrome.
• Numbing of hands and feet near the end.
• Severe pain in hips, as if bones were loose and could not hold frame.
• Gained 56lbs. to date. I'm GONNA DO MY DARNDEST TO GET IT OFF!

I will always cherish the experience of being able to carry children and share everything with Keith. There's nothing like feeling your baby move inside of you, and seeing that life you created for the first time-that first moment. I look forward to that moment once more...

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