Friday, February 6, 2009

Cold/Flu at 36 Weeks Preggo!

So this week has been NO GOOD. Saturday night I slept non, 0 hours, null, zilch, nadda. Sunday night I slept from about 3-7. Monday and Tuesday I made it into work and by Tuesday night I was starting to feel some symptoms. Sore throat, light cough, stuffy nose. At about 3am on Wednesday it hit. Cough, runny nose, hot chills, and every time I coughed it was killing my stomach and hips.

Wednesday and Thursday I worked from home and still wasn't getting much relief eventhough I was taking Robitussin.

Thursday night after calling my doctor and getting the "go" to take Benadryl I had a little relief. Slept from about 2am-7am, after taking the Benadryl and winding down from the restless leg stuff I have going on. I feel groggy, but somewhat rested today!

There's a bunch of junk going around, I just hope it eases up soon!

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Nancy said...

Yikes! I hope you feel better soon.