Tuesday, February 17, 2009

6 Days Until Baby Day!!

Baby is doing great!

The sonogram picture came out really well. This is the face. Of course most people can't see a thing in it, but I can tell, and I think it looks like Nickolas! In this the dark round on the right is an eye, another eye to the left, then the forehead and a head of dark hair!! The lips are pretty dominant and the area to the right she said is the umbilical cord.

Could be girly?

The doctor gave me a prescription of Ambien while I was in labor and delivery (AGAIN!) yesterday. I have my last check-up on Thursday and then 6 days from now I will meet this little one that's been keeping me up night after night!

We check in at 10am and by a little after noon....WELCOME BABY MUELLER!

Future Birthday: 02.23.09-WOW.

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