Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Night in Labor & Delivery

Last night completely caught me off-guard!

Yesterday was a great day! I had slept almost 10 hours the night before which I haven't done in months, and then headed over to a work luncheon/shower at 11:30. Afterwards, went back to the office to hand everything off since it was my last day. I felt really good. Went home about 6:30 and felt so good decided to give the boys a bath, then relaxed for the night.

I didn't have an appetite though so didn't eat dinner.

At about 9:30 I started feeling some "cramping". For awhile I thought they might be contractions, but they were about every 5 minutes, and I thought there's no way. If they are-it's false labor (felt familiar, like what I had with Kolbe) and I kept laying on the couch.

At about 10:00 I had a SHARP, sharp pain in my pelvic area, on the incision spot I have been complaining about for weeks but the doctor said was normal as the baby gets bigger. It literally feels like it's ripping on the inside. This time though, it was not going away and it didn't feel right. Called the doctor and she told us to go to the hospital.

My Aunt rushed over to sit in the house so the boys could stay asleep. Keith and I checked in about midnight. Dr. Bass showed at about 1:00 and they had me hooked to the fetal monitor. She checked me and of course, no labor progress, (which I knew there wouldn't be-that was my problem before is I never progressed). Fetal monitor showed contractions at sometimes 4 minutes, sometimes 2-VERY irregular. Also something I had with Kolbe. She explained that after 2 c-sections that close together, the baby is pushing on a spot that is causing this pain and also putting a lot more pressure on that area. They warned me of the signs of "uterine eruption". Not likely to happen, but very scary thought.

Being I'm only 37 weeks she really wants to get the baby to stay in for another 7-10 days (I do too)! So she gave me a shot of demerol for the pain, something for heartburn and a snack and told me to stay for the night so they would try to level out the contractions and get everything back to "normal". If they couldn't, they were going to take the baby today, and as much as I have been complaining when it came down to it I REALLY didn't want that! At about 7 this morning the pain was a lot better and the contractions leveled out, they decided they would release me.

She said come in on Thursday morning and they would check me again and set the date. I'll know more then!!

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Jeremy said...

Yikes! That is really scary. Keep me up date.