Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Paranormal Activity

Translation: There's a ghost in my house!

There is definitely something going on. We've been in the house for almost 6 months now, and at the end of last week, when I was in the house alone a lot with just the boys, things started happening. Up until that point, sometimes the bathroom light would go off, but that's about it.

So far these are the things that have happened in the last several days:

• The bathroom light in the hallway is not only going off, but it's turning on as well. It can't be Kolbe doing it because he can't even reach the switch with a stool.

• The toilets keep getting used, which there is a slight possibility it's Kolbe, but if it is then boy he goes to the bathroom a lot. If it's not then the ghost needs to learn how to flush.

• Last night I heard a noise coming from near the boys' rooms at 10:15. It was Kolbe's door opening. I just assumed Kolbe had woken up and was coming out. I go back there and both boy's doors are opening at the same time, and they are both still in bed fast asleep.

• This is a long shot but on Saturday I came out to the van and every single compartment on the inside was open and everything pulled out. Glove, ashtray, trays under seats, compartment on dash. Nothing taken. I think it was the ghost who ventured outside for the night.

I think the ghost is friendly, but once it gets aggressive I'm gone!

P.S. This picture is not my house but it might as well be.

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