Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where Did Common Courtesy Go?

How can we find it?

So, I get home from work, eat dinner and decide to take the boys out to the mall so Kolbe can ride the train and Nickolas can get out of the house. I've gotten pretty used to taking them on my own, and it's fun taking's even gotten easier with the stroller. If I give Kolbe a candy and a coke he can open the doors for me (kidding, kidding, don't call CPS).

So going into the mall there's no one else going in. Kolbe really tries hard to open the doors for me (2 of them) but they are pretty heavy. We get in just fine.

As we are leaving, THREE....count it again...THREE people pass me by as I am trying to exit 2 separate doors with a toddler and a stroller. They went out the door next to me and just kept on walking. How hard is it to stop and hold the door for someone?

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Jeremy said...

Every time I see a situation like that, all I can think of is my grandmother. I've even had some ladies get upset with me for opening doors, but Grandma raised me a certain way and I can't fight that.