Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Worst Kind of Explosion

I changed the worst diaper in history today.


So, I'm sitting there holding Nickolas while he drinks his bottle. I reach down to touch his leg and oop there's green all over my hand. I look down..... and there's green all over the couch-and yes, it's lumpy. I get up, slowly, and there's green all over my pants! What? How? Help.

I lay Nickolas on the changing table, take off my pants, take off his clothes, slowly, and pull out 142 wipes. I use 141 wipes to clean him up, then remove the blanket, roll everything up and finish cleaning Nickolas. In hindsight, it was actually the funniest part of my day because the whole time I was cleaning him up he was laughing out loud. I thought it was because the wipes were cold, or maybe the faces I was making....but maybe it's because I wasn't wearing any pants.

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Jeremy said...

Oh man...Have I been there! Mine has the bad habit of of starting to go again mid-change.