Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Today Was The Day...

I had to drop off Nickolas at DAYCARE!! So he is 7 months and 24 days old and I left him with stangers today! Okay...they are some of the same teachers that Kolbe has had, and it's the same daycare that Kolbe is in, but Kolbe was already 2 when he started there and that was hard enough as is!

I never thought I would have this hard of a time. I have been completely procrastinating with facing the fact that this day would come, and being prepared for it. He seems too little. There are 10 babies in the nursery and 2 teachers! Do they hug and kiss on him like I do? Know what all his faces and sounds mean? Drop everything to absorb and appreciate what he's doing at any given moment? *sigh


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Jeremy said...

If you didn't have these feelings it would be odd. You are suppose to worry about your kids, especially when they are just babies.