Monday, August 6, 2007

Who's Shamu Really?

Part of the family went to visit my in-laws over the weekend in San Antonio, and we dropped in to see Shamu. It got me thinking where did Shamu get his name? Is Shamu a girl or a boy? I always thought he was a boy. I wiki'd it:

Shamu is the name of SeaWorld's iconic orca (killer whale) show. Shamu's popular performances are presented along with Baby Shamu and Grandbaby Shamu in 7-million-gallon pools at SeaWorld parks in:

Orlando, Florida
San Diego, California

San Antonio, Texas

I wonder if they like it in captivity? Keith says no. They seem like they are having fun, but don't you wonder what's going through their minds? How big are their brains? What if you were forced to do shows all day long but you really didn't like it? Maybe you just want to swim around and speak whale in different dialects all the time, but you couldn't.....

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