Sunday, May 4, 2008


COMPLETE. Done. Finished! Never again!

Okay, at some point I will do it again.

Last night I skipped girls night and made sure I was in bed by 9:00. Read until about 9:30 and fell asleep about 9:45. Woke up at 5:15 and went to pick up my grandfather, then got to the race at about 6:45. Checked in, got my bib, time chip and bag with tee (really nice shirt by the way). It was really cold, and we hung out until about 7:15, found Susie and headed to the start.

I was super nervous. Still doing the mental battle over whether or not I would even be able to finish it.

My grandfather stood off to the side to see me off. Look over at the lady next to me and she's about 7 months pregnant. I think to myself, this woman is definitely a runner, but if she can finish, I can finish.

The gun goes off.

Feels good to start running because it was so cold. The air was nice and you could tell the weather was going to be great. Good scenery.

Pretty steady pace for the first couple of miles. 12-minute miles. Stations every 2 miles. I hit the 3-mile mark and wondered why I thought 5K's were so hard before. Was feeling really good. Miles 4 and 5 were really good. Did 9 1/2 and 10 minute miles. Still feeling good but slowing down a little. 13 minute miles for 6, 7 and 8, and started thinking I might be able to finish this thing in under 3 hours, when I was anticipating just finishing and hoping for under 3 1/2. At about this point I had an energy pack and more power-ade and started to get a side cramp and slow down a bit. Right around mile 9 I started going downhill. Really feeling it and debating whether to start walking or not.

Mile 10=big mistake. Started walking.

Everything stiffened up and tightened. Knees, hamstrings, sharp pain shooting through lower back. Ankles and feet getting sore. Miles 10 and 11 really thinking I would not be able to finish. Am barely making 16 minute miles and this point. At mile 12 I got a very subtle second wind, and ran a little bit more, it felt better to run but it was just bad either way. Rounded the corner and saw that I just barely missed the 3 hour mark! Saw my grandfather sitting there, and he stood up and started clapping. Finished 13.1 miles in 3:05 according to the clock. We'll see what the chip time ends up being!

I'm just super excited I finished. And I have never run 10 miles straight in my life! It really motivated me to get back into races like I used to, and work on the long distances more and more.

But not this week! =)

Heels and Hills Results


Jeremy said...

You are so awesome!

Nancy said...

Way to go!