Friday, May 2, 2008

Meals on Wheels-Delivery a Success! Mostly.

Today was my first day to deliver with Meals on Wheels!

Success! (I think).

Buildup to the morning. My grandmother called last night at 7:00pm and said that she wouldn't be able to go with me because my sister was sick. So, I was really worried because they suggested bringing someone. So I called my other sister, and she thankfully agreed to help!!

Started out about 8:50 this morning, and made it to the church (pickup location), at about 9:30. Mostly because we had a hard time finding it the first time. Picked up the chests and route sheet. Headed out. Thought they would have a step by step map, but only a mapsco copy-so my sister was a lifesaver.

Only 6 deliveries- 5 of them apartments.

#1: Younger than I expected. She seemed capable of getting around fairly well. Asked how her day was, she said thank you. I accidentally give her TWO bags of drink, bread and cookie. Not sure what I was thinking. Maybe slightly confused because I was leaving 2 weekend boxed meals too.

#2: This was a townhome, and the gate had a coathanger keeping it shut. This woman seemed younger too, and very friendly, said thank you. After dropping hers off I realize I left 1 too many bags at #1. Panic.

#3: An older gentleman. His door is open and he's working in his kitchen. He says his thank yous.

#4: Decide to make a stop at 7-11 because I can't go without a bag for one of them. Buy milk, roll and oatmeal raisin cookie for the next stop. I probably broke a MAJOR Meals on Wheels law or rule or something, but took the risk. Give it to #4. She is the nicest one. Her door is open too. She's sitting at the table in a wheelchair working on a book. She calls me dear and asks me to sit the food right inside the kitchen. Says she can't lift her arms. The apartment seems smaller than what I lived in at college, and I can't imagine getting a wheelchair around. She opens her hand and I hold it as she says "I bless you, you are lovely". She asked me if I wanted water, she asked what I was doing for the weekend, she realized I was new and asked how it was going. She was the one who was lovely. And she's the one who got the bag of stuff I bought (oops).

#5: An older woman using a walker. She has a younger woman there painting her toenails. That lady takes the meal and says thank you. I stick my head in and say hello to the older woman, she invites me in. I leave the bag I'm holding and tell her she has a nice house. We talk for about a minute and then I go.

#6: Young woman. Possibly 40's. She barely cracks the door. Takes the food, and I ask her how she's doing today. She says she's in pain, aches all over and is miserable. How do you respond to that? I tell her I'm sorry to hear that. Tell her that I hope she feels better as the day goes on. Feel bad for not being able to do anything except leave a meal.

But, complete! We head back to the church to leave the chests and the route sheet. The whole thing from leaving my house, to arriving home, took about 2 1/2 hours. Not bad for the 1st time. I think I can get the whole thing done in 2 hours now that I know where everything is and the process.

6 people got their food today...and that makes me happy!

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Nancy said...

I think it's great that you're doing this!