Monday, May 26, 2008

WebVisions: Portland, OR- May 2008

I attended the WebVisions Conference last week on Thursday and Friday. Up until the conference, I have to admit I was a little hesitant because they charged practically nothing, but the line-up of speakers, location and organization of it all seemed more than up to par.

I was pleasantly surprised. Great venue, and got quite a bit of information out of the experience. There were a few "dud" sessions, but with the option to choose from 5-6 topics every hour and fifteen minutes, it was well worth it.

Some sessions that really stood out and that I was inspired by or left with lots of information was:

"Best Practices For Permission-Based Email Communication" with Mark Wyner
"Hacking the Enterprise with Social Media" with DL Byron

I think these guys did a great job on their presentations!

I had never been to Portland, so that was exciting to see a new place. Got plenty of great views riding through the city, and lots of lushness and green throughout downtown, which I have never seen anywhere. Took the "MaX' public transit a few times, a shuttle, some cabs...had some excellent food and would highly recommend attending each year.

WebVisions Conference
Portland, Oregon Pictures

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