Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our New Dodge Journey!!

We keep accidentally calling it the "Dodge Crisis" because it's a new model and we kept forgetting the name! Then Keith spit that one out and it kind of stuck. Hope it's not a premonition!

So I picked it up tonight and it's so nice. I think it will be perfect for traveling around with loud kids and lots of stuff!

Let me just suggest, always buy your car over the phone!! I never thought I would do this, but we already knew what we wanted, we had the loan already through my credit union, and only had 2 days left before we had to return our lease car. So Keith went to the Dodge site today, found one that matched what we needed, called them and by the time they called me, got me better financing and put the paperwork together it wasn't even 4:00. Only spent an hour in the dealership signing everything and whaddya know- DONE!

The Dodge dealership in Lewisville was awesome! Would recommend to my friends!

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