Thursday, May 8, 2008

StoryTelling It Is....

Over the weekend I was able to spend some time with my grandfather and my Uncle. As we were driving, we were in an area where my grandfather used to work, the company he worked for, for over 30 years. It was so interesting to listen to him talk about how they moved him to Texas from Ohio, coming down here alone for 2 months to get started and find a house, traveling. Amazing to think about all he went through in that short amount of time and how long ago it was.

Then my Uncle was talking about when he was in the navy a group of them ran from Mt. Rainier, down to the oceanfront. It was a relay, so they would each run 8 miles or so, then switch, and just keep doing it over and over. The scenery must have been beautiful.

Point being-these were such short times in their lives, and still such compelling stories to me. No one would have known about the experiences unless they shared them. These are stories I can pass on to my children as they grow. Things to tell them that help them know their history, family, roots - better.

It makes me realize, that's how I want to be. I want to live my life being able to tell great stories, have meaningful conversation and have a dialogue around things that make a difference in the lives of others. Strangers, family, friends...

So I guess I should be asking myself what am I doing today, so that I will have a great story to tell tomorrow?

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