Monday, May 5, 2008

Nickolas-Forehead MakeOver

Accidents happen, right?

Nickolas was at school today and according to the teacher and her report he was playing with another little boy, walking towards a train and tripped and fell on it. It cut his forehead.

They told us we needed to come and get him to see if he needed stitches, so Keith was able to leave school and take him in. Thankfully they "glued" it closed and he should be fine. We just need to check and made sure no fever arises. Keith said he's been great all day, just tired. Took 3 naps which is not like him.

He got a new haircut too, so now it's a complete makeover-Forehead Edition!

1 comment:

Jeremy said... he and Garrick have matching scars on their foreheads!